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 Our Services Include:

Humane Removal of Nuisance Wildlife
Bats and Bat Colony Removal, Moles, Raccoons, Snakes, Squirrels, Skunks, Groundhogs, Chipmunks, Voles, Rodents, Pigeons, Starlings, Nuisance Birds, Beavers, Muskrats, and More! We also remove dead animals from your attic, crawlspace, or home.



Home Repair Associated With Nuisance Wildlife
This would include animal entry points to home and preventative repairs associated with the complete removal process. We only install the highest quality products to ensure the longest lasting repair to your home. Repairs may include: Chimney Cap, Attic Vent Covers, Power Ventillator Covers,
and Porch or Deck Exclusions.

Property & Home Inspection
Thinking of purchasing a home? You may want to consider our home inspection. We conduct only the highest quality nuisance wildife home inspection. Attic, Basement, Foundation, Roof Lines, Gutters, Roof Vents, and More. All areas of the home where only we would know what to look for and where. Of course, we're only looking for infestations and damage to the home or property.

Professional Services:

Bird Control Specialists
Certified professional installers for Bird Control products such as Bird Barrier and Bird B Gone. We give free estimates for these projects. We are equipped and able to handle many Pigeon problems with your commercial property including: markee signs, parafets, awnings, ledges, and parking lights. 

Property Management And Consultation
We can help assist and develop a management strategy for your municipal, commercial, and Government property. These tailor made solutions will provide long term strategies which will help assist in short and long term cost savings. Real cost saving solutions begin with cost saving strategies.

Attic Restoration/Remediation
Some wastes such as Bird and Bat droppings are classified as biohazardous waste. These wastes can be harmful to you or your family if not professionally removed. We are equipped to professionally remove these wastes and restore your attic.

Deodorization of Malicious Odors
Skunks, Dead Animals, Animal Wastes and Feces

Sanitization of Biohazardous Wastes
The complete clean up. We restore your home or property to it's original condition.

Our Service Area Includes:
St. Joseph Mo, Northwest Mo, Platte City Mo, Maryville Mo, North Kansas City Mo, Parts of Southwest Iowa.

"I Thought You Gave Good Services" Lila P. of St Joseph Mo

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